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Kreatif Klub is a strategically minded development studio with a fondness for user experience and functional design. We are a Klub of people from different disciplines that ensure that all businesses reach their potential online. Our creative process is transparent and different for every client. We begin with an inventory of desires and on this basis put together a dedicated project team. We embrace difficult challenges and come up with effective solutions.

Our team excels at developing and improving digital strategy, internal operational processes and digital presence (and more). Read more about our services.

background story

Before Kreatif Klub was created in 2013, the founder, Thomas van der Wel was a one-man show in the digital marketing world. He guided small and medium companies to achieve better results online, providing digital services and creating and improving websites. From this experience, Thomas realized the importance of formulating a personalized approach to business development and the potential in uniting different creatives to work on projects. This is how Kreatif Klub came to be.

Today, the Kreatif Klub is a diverse group of talented professionals who work within strategy, programming, design and marketing. We pride ourselves with our penchant for customer experience and strive to ensure that businesses, small, medium and large, realize their potential online.

We enjoy working for clients directly as much as we love white labeling for creative agencies and investors.

The Kreatif Klub: A Klub for All

The Kreatif Klub has an unwavering commitment to diversity across gender, age, religion, identity, race and experience. A founding principle of the Klub is to build and cultivate teams and relationships that are always considering the global. We work with diverse clients and we reflect this diversity within our company as well. We welcome and celebrate innovation, understanding and loving how difference drives


Concept and Strategy
Websites UX/UI Design
Craft CMS Development
WordPress Development
Progressive Web Apps
SaaS Solutions
API connections
Salesforce Development
Marketing / Growth Hacking
Architectural Visualisations
Animations (AR and VR)
Privacy Consultancy

Read more about our services

Selection of Clients and Partners

De Matroos en het Meisje
DGI Ventures
Héroine Restaurant & Bar
Het Industriegebouw
Ferney Group
Growth On Demand
HFB Groep
Leffectief E-Learning
Mistras Group
Navus Ventures
Princess - Smartwares Group
Van der Vorm Vastgoed


Our main team consists of:

Thomas van der Wel
Thomas van der Wel
Artyom Yakovlev
Artyom Yakovlev
Head of Development
Marijn Hermans
Marijn Hermans
Head of Design
Michael Rabbers
Michael Rabbers
Marketing & Privacy
Matthijs van Schie
Matthijs van Schie
Head of Finance
Kevin Nijsten
Kevin Nijsten
Project manager
Boris Glušica
Boris Glušica
Growth Advisor
Dmytro Humennyi
Dmytro Humennyi
Lead 3D


In order to create cost effective solutions we use a variety of technologies and tools.

Craft CMS
Google Analytics
Graph QL
Unreal Engine
React (Native)
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