Craft CMS and Kreatif Klub

We develop and build many of our projects with Craft CMS.
Craft CMS is the (headless) CMS of the future with standard GraphQL support. It is easy to use for
content managers, flexible when building, fast loading and a secure content management system.

why Craft CMS

If you are looking for an excellent (headless) content management system that gives you the freedom to build everything yourself: Craft CMS is the answer. When you don't want to get stuck with templates and, as an end-user, want something super easy to use: Craft CMS is the answer.

We created 20+ Craft CMS projects and created many custom plugin solutions. We specialize in custom experiences with many functionalities, easy content management and deep integration with Salesforce.

why Craft CMS
  • Simple, elegant and user-friendly
  • Flexible and secure coded
  • Faster loading times
  • Creative Customizations
  • Headless CMS setup
  • GraphQL support
  • Multilingual projects
Why Kreatif Klub
  • Craft CMS partner
  • More than 20+ projects
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Webdesign & development
  • Marketing / Growth strategy
  • Deep knowledge of Salesforce integration
It's so simple that even your intern can be your content manager:

One of the main reasons why our customers love Craft CMS is because it is straightforward for the end-user. The dashboard is tailor-made for each customer and each specific project; the information shown is for the customer and only the information that you need to manage your website.

Content managers flip easily between the pages they want to work on and do not have to search through unnecessary menus or building blocks. Craft makes managing content simple so that even your intern can be your content manager. And not only on the desktop: the back-end is fully responsive, so you can easily add and edit the content on your mobile.

Of course, we explain to our customers how to use Craft CMS and can provide a guide on how to use the clean and uncluttered Craft CMS management section, helping you create your best presence.

End of using many plugins. Craft CMS is complete and flexible.

Plugins often make your website slower and vulnerable to security breaches. Craft CMS is great for many projects because it doesn’t require plugins; most of the functionalities are standard in Craft CMS or easily custom-coded by our team.

A great example is having more languages on your site, which is standard in Craft CMS. Furthermore, Craft CMS is great at automatically scaling and cropping images, and has a fast loading time due to the smart use of cache. Craft CMS also provides privacy by design features that allow the administrator to limit access to user groups.

Offering Fantastic Flexibility like a Yoga master

Craft doesn’t make a choice for you on how to organize your content. This flexibility allows us to customize the CMS to the technical skills of our customers and ensure that it is user friendly and compatible with your goals.

A selection of our work in Craft CMS:

Craft CMS