Wilgenrijk - Craft CMS & Salesforce

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  • Webdesign
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  • Salesforce
  • Vue

Wilgenrijk is a new part of the Netherlands between Rotterdam and The Hague, close to Maassluis, Maasland and the Midden-Delfland nature reserve. The area is rural, green and water-rich, with a tranquillity that is rare in the Randstad.

We created the website design with Met Studio in close collaboration with the Wilgenrijk markting team. The website was developed by us in Craft CMS.

Salesforce is the backbone of Wilgenrijk's organisation and therefore we connected closely with it.

We created our own plugin to integrate Salesforce into Craft CMS. Things that we achieved:

  • House information like prices, characteristics and status, is coming directly from Salesforce Objects.
  • Leads and contacts can log in to their account via Email or Social Media networks and all data is always up-to-date.
  • Sales representatives from Wilgenrijk get relevant information about leads. For example their activity and favourite houses.
  • Users can register fully via the website of their interest.
  • Custom appointment planner made in Vue connected with Salesforce calendars.

The Wilgenrijk team has to update information only on one platform.

Visit wilgenrijk.nl